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Ringtone Volume


Already reported via Feedback app on phone.

The ringtone volume is very low compared to 7.1.1. You need to put it to max in order to have the same volume level as you had before with the middle setting.

This should be changed back to the previous levels. It's too low now.

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I agree with what you said.

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I also agree, the ringtone volume needs to be put back to the levels of Nougat. No other bugs found yet, everything seems to be more responsive.

Yep I've noticed this as well, ringtone volume is really low compared with nougat. Not noticed any problems with the volume with normal media playback.
Yup, me too
Same here. Oreo is to quiet.

I agree. The ringtone is sometimes hardly noticeable. Fix it please.

 Same here оn Nokia 8 !

Same here. Also it would be great to have the option to have differentieret volumes for ringtones sms tones and notifications.

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Yes, I also agree
I think in Nougat minimum setting were too loud. I like more this Oreo setting. But loudest should be more louder.
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