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Terrible camera performance

While slow focus is something I can live with, too many times camera app freezes showing message "can't access camera" or, at best, painfully slows down the phone. Background processing seems to be badly managed, so this is as of now the worst experience I've had with any Nokia phone (from Symbian's N8 and 808 to slow Lumia 1020). Not to mention other android phones. Please, you must vastly improve the app. I trust new Nokia. Thank you.

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Yes i too agree with you nokia need to increase camera performance

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Yes, I think that they should add the iso control in pro version and that it could be nice to have the light painting mode like the p8 lite 2017. I think they should improve the speed of the shot and for the rest ithik that it's fantastic if there were the vocal controls to shot like cattura, scatto and cheese. Hope that you agree!! Bye bye.

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Yes, there are features missing but this is secondary to speed issues and I´m confident they will be adding them as time passes, but experience as of now is just terrible: must be fixed soon. Manual controls (or 60fps video, or timelapse tunning....) can wait IMHO

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I want Nokia to add exposure control slider so we don't have to tap 2-3 menus every time I want to test the exposure. Samsung is doing this right!

And also the pro mode is not quite pro mode until Nokia provides shutter, iso, and manual focus control!

I also would like to have a menu to change the format to RAW (.dng) instead of jpeg

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Yeah I have to agree with you. Slow shutter cause camera shake, more function on pro mode, improve night light.

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