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EMail notifications have stopped working (7.1.2)

Push email updates no longer work after the 7.1.2 update. Using Nine email.

It works on other 7.1.2 devices so it's something specific to the Nokia 5 update.

So presently I have to open the email app and manually update to see new email. It doesn't update in the background so of course email notifications don't appear.

Tech Wizard

In 7.1.1 , I had to manually check the notification at times when I had configured 2 email ID in Gmail application.
I updated to 7.1.2 and I am not facing this issue with the 'Gmail' Application or the 'Outlook' Application.

Do Check Gmail > Settings > > Notifications AND Sync Gmail should be 'ticked / checked' for all the 9 mails.

Also, Check Settings > Battery > Battery Activity Manager > Gmail should be added in Whitelist (So it can run in the Background). This is a new addition of 7.1.2 I think.

Thanks, the email app was whitelisted and set to not be battery optimised.

In the end I just uninstalled then reinstalled it. It's working properly now and providing notifications. Seems the OS update munged the background task settings in some way and the fresh install setup everything correctly.

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