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Picture to Picture not working in Beta version & other request

 Dear Nokia, Picture to Picture not working in beta version. this is one of features in oreo.

I requesting to provide some  In built features by nokia. like settings, UI, apps, etc

Provide radio app in oreo update

we have to search app in play store for basic features,

most softwares contains ad & in app purchase in play store.

I dont like to any unwanted or useless apps.

please consider the price of nokia 8.

To me it is working just fine with the oreo beta. However unless you are using modified version of YouTube, you need to have youtube red subscription to be able to use the picture in picture mode in youtube. However with maps and Google photos app you should be able to test it out, just start to navigate somewhere or start a video with the photos app. and then hit the fingerprint reader/home button, and then you should see that the ongoing video or navigation directions are in picture in picture mode.
I strongly disagree! You don't like "useless or unwanted apps". Me neither. But your definition of useful might be quite useless for many others. Having stock android was my reason for switching to Nokia. I absolutely don't want any not-uninstallable apps. Is a video editor "basic feature" or not? A spread sheet app? Word processor? Luckily we don't have to discuss where to draw the line. Google has already done it for us. Nice guys. I think a non-stock UI is one big reason why many other companies fail to deliver updates quickly (or at all!). The work, time and energy that goes into yet another custom UI will be missing somewhere else. Stock imo is the right choice. Nokia, please stick with stock and concentrate on timely updates. Even long term. Radio it's only possible with a radio receiver in the device. If this thing is not there, you can't receive radio waves. There is no "update" for missing hardware. Personally I couldn't care less about radio, but that's just my opinion. Lastly, yes, correct observation. nobody works for free. You wouldn't do it either. This is also true for developers who work on their software and have spent sometimes years and money on their professional education. Also Nokia sells this phone for much less than other companies with these specs, e.g. 1440p display and a Snapdragon 835 among other things.

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Sir i have nokia6 phone used problem my pichar gallery is not showing phone apps

This is the Nokia 8 beta section, you'd be better off and more likely to get an answer posting in the Nokia 6 section.

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