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Pure view camera technology

I like the pure view technology in various Nokia Lumia Smartphones that makes Nokia brand stand out in camera department with another smartphones, so I am expecting atleast a pureview like technology in upcoming Nokia Android Smartphones

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i think now that hmd has partnered with Zeiss and nokia they will collaborate on exciting camera technology in phones to come ! :D

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Microsoft are sadly still in possession of both the PureView and the ClearBlack IP, so we'll probably not see either of them. But I doubt Nokia Technologies have been twiddling their thumbs for the past couple of years, so let's hope they bring out something even better! We need a proper camera flagship in the smartphone space!

It is true..sadly Microsoft still has the rights for PureView and clear black display technology. Nokia technologies still could be in the works with something similar if not better

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 Ah, I assumed MS would keep PureView but it's a shame they're still holding ClearBlack as well. (PureMotion too?). I hope Nokia Tech/HMD/Foxconn/ZEISS can come up with something truly world-leading for the Nokia 9.

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Not sure about Puremotion for displays as the one used in Nokia N8 but it's a shame Microsoft is holding PureView and clear black as they are incapable of coming up or figuring out what to do with that... they are not good at designing hardware
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