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Speaker is not working

Hi, Dolby speaker of my nokia is not working. I have checked the sound settings and it is all ok there but still facing the problem.Please assist.

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Sorry to hear this. Have you been in touch with customer support? 

Have a great day!

Anna (Moderator) 


I tried to contact customer support through the Support application provided within the phone, but not getting any reply from support side.


Hi - can you tell us a little bit more about what happens when you try to contact support? 

Thanks for your patience,

Anna (Moderator) 

I just visited the nearest nokia support service , they just told me to submit my phone and saying that they don't know how many days it will take to repair my mobile. They do not provide any clarification for this. Please provide some customer support to me from your side.
Hi there I have the same issue, no damage just out of nowhere speakers stopped working any idea what might be?
I too have the same problem
Please tell me some solution for it.. I am getting irritated...
Search your nearest Nokia service centre and they will fix your problem. I have done the same and get my mobile back in one day.
I wish there was a Nokia Center near me, I live in Chicago, I guess will have to find other service places to take it to
There is no Nokia service center near me, I have travel far to get their service center, what other alternatives

i am having the same problem

Hey guys... I have the same problem.... But when I switched off and On 2-3 times... It worked perfectly.... First... Switch off ur phone... Wait for 10-20 sec. And then switch ON.... If doesn't work... Do it again... It worked for me... Hope this will help you guys... Thank you

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worked for me after switched OFF and ON

I had the same problem. But I also did like user1511029305206 and it worked.

Now I face another problem, setting the sound volume is very unpredictable when changing ringtones. Sometimes it rings with low sound, sometimes with high sound. It seems volume settings are not being picked up unless I restart the phone. Sometimes the speaker will go mute and will not work until it is restarted.

These problems are bugging me a lot.

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