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Bluetooth Issues

I upgraded to the Oreo 8.0 beta this morning. The only bug I have come across is when trying to play any music in my car when connected via Bluetooth. The track details sometimes display on the car screen but the playback timer is stuck at .02 secs where as Spotify shows the song playing on my phone. Anyone else having Bluetooth audio issues?

I was listening to music earlier today via Bluetooth, I did notice it dropping out and glitching occasionally, but it also did this with Nougat, I was kind of hoping Oreo may have improved music playback over Bluetooth. I don't get any drop outs though with a horribly cheap Tesco Hudl2 tablet with the same headphones, but did with my old Galaxy S4 which really was horrendous for music playback over Bluetooth.
Bluetooth issue is android os problem. Google will fix it soon. Here's news.

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Technical moderator

Please report this Bluetooth issue via the feedback application. Also provide information on the Bluetooth accessory - or in your case the manufacturer of the car and the type of head unit. Thank you.

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