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 Instead following the metal and glass trend please bring back the old polycarbonate design like n9 or lumia 830 and modernize it, n9 pillow shape and polycarbonate build still looks stunning even by today's standards , recently bought Nokia 5 and absolutely love the solid build and posh design, its remind me the good old sturdy and remarkable Nokia Phones, but considering the new nokia 7 and rumors about the 9 i really prefer the old polycarbonate and metal design.

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I like the polycarbonate Nokias too, but also the all aluminium ones that came before them, like my orange N8.

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Agree, Nokia Fabula was the real Signature of Nokia's scandinavian design. From it you can say that a smartphone is a Nokia even without looking at the brand on the phone.

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Well I do love the design of the new Nokia 6 (2018), actually I like its design more than Nokia 7+ But the antenna lines do look ugly, (in Nokia 8 it was horrible), I'd suggest an idea but I don't know if I could express the design in words but I'll try - Use the plastic material used in ClearBlack Design shells of Asha 502 & 503 instead of just opaque grey plastic for antenna lines. It would be like solid tank-like metal... then the metal-meets-glass ribbon flowing on the edges... then metal again. That would have been something.

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That's a nice idea - those ASHA and X phones' cases were nice, maybe too bright for current phone fashions but it would be nice to see some bolder designs and colours.

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Nokia 5 from 2017 looks stunning...miss polycarbonate body as the one in nokia N9...and lumia X+...I purchased nokia 3310 2017 as a backup phone and its body is made of a very similar polycarbonate from nokia n9...the feeling when touching it is impressive. HMD needs to get back polycarbonate supplier back

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In my opinion HMD should release Nokia 8 sirocco and upcoming flagship phones in more colors...imagine having a nokia 8 sirocco...or maybe nokia the same AZURE color the Nokia booklet 3g has...or maybe in some kind of red...that is very possible to do since the body of this phones is made of plastic and the covered with gorilla glass...I will send pictures of those color via email to HMD, perhaps they will listen.

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Another good suggestion! It's true there's some good designs in Nokia's past. But what could they do which is NEW, not been done before?
Bright neon lines? Glowing buttons?(actually this might be a good idea if they want to make a gaming phone) Or some smooth pastel colours? E-ink body material that covered with glass? (Goodbye color options :D you can choose any color you want :D ) HMD-nokia could try these options with their mid-range models

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