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Made use of the old UX of the lumia camera, algorithm from old nokia lumias, even an upgrade of the lumia camera UX to the new nokia because the UX is still useful. If it is possible Made use of OZO imaging technology to improve cameras.

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Many people are asking for the UI from old Nokia Lumias and I agree, it's a slick but powerful interface.

The image processing would be great too, but perhaps HMD, Nokia and Zeiss can now do even better than that, especially since dual-camera technology is a different approach from the PureView one.

Including OZO imaging could be interesting but I don't know enough about it to know the benefits it could bring to a smartphone - isn't it used for industrial-power VR?

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The OZO project is cancelled a couple of weeks ago ...

I's always about the money. Only Samsung and Apple make a lot of money from manufacturing mobile phones, everybody else is struggling more or less, sadly.

Nokia phones must be a success before throwing money at software development.

I'm happy with the extra options in Open Camera ... Its DRO mode and Scenes are everyday useful and it can be fine tuned in numerous ways, also the UI.

(Please note, it's nerdy - and it starts up with the settings used the last time).

The list of camera apps in the Play store goes on, so it should be possible to find something that works for you too?


 Seems like Sarvikas yesterday via Twitter has confirmed that the old good Lumia Camera UI will be implemented on Nokia smarthpones

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The use of the ux is the originality of the ux, I haven't see any other ux camera that likes me, we have almost everything in hands pro mode and automatic mode; a lot of apps tried to copy the usefulness in some way. The algorithm of the lumia is still powerful but still can improve, what I mean the use of the algorithm for night mode, the new nokias are not doing so well as the old nokias with night mode. The use of ozo licensing patents for image, the ozo proyect even if they cancelled it, the patent of the software for camera could be useful because is not only vr they have developed; there are other patents that have algorithm for better quality of the photos and videos. I don't know how is HMD with money to research and develop, they still can recycle the old patents they have, to not waste a lot of money with research.

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@ gordon_pcb_designer,

All I can find is

"I agree with your assesment" is not a confirmation?

My main complaint regarding the camera in Nokia 6 is the audio quality in videos in loud environments ... and missing better video stabilization during recording. So far it seems to only correct the 'rolling shutter' effect real-time. Stabilization can be done afterwards in the editor (and works well) but I expect more in a new phone.

Years with Nokia Symbian and Lumia phones has taught me it's better to try work around issues, instead of waiting for something that may or may not happen in the future. ;-)


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There is also this 


Put those messages together, adding everyone from everywhere are asking to HMD Nokia to give us back Lumia Camera UI and that HMD is the owner of it (having it back from MS) ..

As I've wrote here under other topics, I think Nokia needs to offer something different from all the other competitors and going to (or coming back) to amazing camera phones and the better UI ever seen could be a good point.

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