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TA1033 October update

Hello guys, I would like to start a thread with all TA 1033 users that did not still receive October / 7.1.2 update. And all please state your country. Tnx! I am in Serbia, i tried 2 times to swipe/reset data but update is still not coming.

Here in The Netherlands no update for TA-1033 october/7.1.2.

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7.1.2 and October security patch released and successfully installed today on TA-1033 here in UK. 

Well done Nokia! 

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Nothing for me in the UK. I'm on Giffgaff who use the O2 network. Tried putting a Vodafone SIM in and still nothing....
user1509088061055 which mobile operator are you using?
Update- Just received the update! Didn't have to change SIM card! 

Hi Optimus, I'm using Tesco Mobile which uses the O2 network. 

I bought the phone sim free, so it's not tied to any network. 

As such I think I'm getting the updates directly from Nokia UK and not via a mobile operator.

Well I bought to sim free phone i did buy it over mobile operator. It seems that some of us just need to wait for that update... I am starting to be jealous of you guys who got the update haha :)
O2 UK just received 7.1.2/October update.
Well guys finally I have some great news update has come to my nokia also here in Serbia. Very good job Nokia !
Switzerland/Salt got 7.1.2 on the TA1033 today. As they have to build 7.1.2 for all variants of their devices you will have to be patient. btw. i got the update automatically, without simchange, factory reset or other magic.
Just, after restart, received 7.1.2/october patch on TA-1033. Provider Lycamobile (KPN Network in The Netherlands) without changing sim card. Good job!

 still no update here in the UK on EE. :(

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Still no update here as well
Germany, Drillisch (o2 Network), TA-1021

Today in Greece received update 7.1.2 for my TA-1033 .

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