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Update of 7.1.2

Update of 7.1.2, Is it working good or bad on Nokia 5?

new update of 7.1.2 gains more battery... is this r8?i consumes more battey percentenge then before
There's a lag when I swipe up the app menu . Did you see this lag

Baterry is better, but multitasking is not good at all

Nokia 5 update 7.1.2 bad candition
That is true I feel the same about battery life after 7.1.2 update, it was fine until this update was rolled out. I hope Nokia to fix this battery issue in their next update.
There is battery issue and phone lags Many times . Specially Play store causing more trouble .
Very bad touch issue
Very bad lock problem
I was really looking forward to get this device. Sleek and slim design and above all it's Nokia! After 3 days of using I realized that this is not what I have expected! Torch doesn't work. Has tremendous SMS issues. Touch screen is somewhere in 7,5/10. But what disappointed me by far is the battery. Man, it can only work 10 hours without molesting it. Just casual usage. And don't give me those you have to shut down this and that. I know very good how to keep the battery. Now, same day of usage it prompted me to update to nougat 7.1.2. I was hoping that this will resolve the issues but everything stayed the same. Nokia please do something about it you will lose your customers very quickly. I don't know about other models but Nokia 5 is looking very nice but has the worst software of them all! Please do something about it!
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