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Play Store adding icons to home screen

It seems that the setting to stop newly installed app icons automatically being added to the home page has disappeared from the play store settings. I know it was there earlier in the week. But since updating to Oreo it has disappeared.

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 Seems that we posted it at the same time.

You are right, in 7.1.1 this option was within the Playstore Setting.

In OREO it moved to the Screen Settings, but unfortunately, Nokia forgot to enable it there. The option is not available and should be fixed.

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Technical moderator

 This is a default setting depending on carrier and unfortunately cannot be changed.


I am sorry, but I know that this cannot be true. I do also have a Nexus 6P with Oreo on it.

To enable or disable the Automatic placement on the Homescreen has been moved from the Play Store setting page to the Screen Setting page (long press on the Homescreen and then go to setting). Here you can enable/disable the option of putting automatically an Icon (Link) on your homescreeen.

Maybe my explanation was not clear before, but this button is there, and Google give s you teh option to enable/or disable it.

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Nokia should take note of this and fix it at the earliest. I really if it's carrier controlled, because it's too basic a feature not to have control over!. Already it's starting to get annoying!

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Completely true.

This has NOTHING to do with a Carrier.

I have two Sim Cards for the same Carrier. 1x Nexus 6P and one Nokia 8.

Nexus shows the On/Off, Nokia doesn't.

This ios not a Carrier controlled feature!

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This isn't a carrier dependent feature, I believe. This feature is in Android and in Oreo, Google moved the settings from Play Store to the home screen. In my opinion, this is likely a bug.

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 Just want to bting that up again.

Just downlaoded and installed 8.1, but this issue has still not been solved.

Nokia, could you please have a look at that, this is a Google feature, and not available on our Nokia 8.

Google will not help - they changed behaviour in Oreo so that it's up to the launcher creator to add this at their side. Play Store app will not do this on its own on 8.0 and higher anymore.

That's exactly what I expect from Nokia, that they add it to their Launcher. I have reported it already several times (Beta Oreo 8.0, ....), but absolutely no feedback from Nokia.

If everyone reports this as a bug in the beta Nokia may actually start to listen and enable the setting; it really should be an option
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