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Nokia N1

For new Nokia phones we have this site/forum. For old phones we have os Microsoft. What about Nokia N1? A tablet that helped Nokia just a couple of years ago and now left to total unsupport. Anyone else, but me have one of these? I surely believe so. I know we are lots of sad users that have no support at all from Nokia. When they announced that all batches sold in seconds everyone was happy but now that we need a small help no one cares. We simply need update files so that we can restore or save our tablets

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 This is a really good point. The N1 was the start of new things at Nokia, the Z-launcher in particular is still a great interface.

The N1 was made by Nokia Technologies, but this forum is for Nokia Phones which is HMD. On (which has a new certificate, well done Nokia ;)) there is a link to a feedback forum but it is broken, error 404. Maybe this is the forum for N1?

The website appears to have been recently updated and it's now possible to download Z-launcher direct, without using Google Play - nice move!

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N1 was and still is an amazing piece of technology with almost 3 years old. Mine is Chinese version 5.1.1 that as a locked bootloader and no root. Even so i work well with it beacuse i use few google apps. I don't ask an update for 6.0 or even 7. The only thing i would love to see would be some support from the company that received our support when was having trouble with the end of a great legacy. Don't leave anyone behind. Remember that a company can reach the top very quicly but the fall can be faster. 

I have one of those too. Nokia N1 is great but left stuck on Android 5.1.1 no updates in months. I have already posted about Nokia N1 here at the forum but since it was made by Nokia technologies in collaboration with Foxconn...then there are few chances to get help from HMD despite that we all know that the HMD era began all with the Nokia N1 licensing approach

Mine is running fine but i know that a lot of users have them bricked because of a wrong update when trying to convert a Chinese version into a Taiwan version. The only thing we ask is the firmware files to install firmware and recover those bricked tablets. It's not difficult and HMD can get them easily. They could also add a small update to unlock bootloader and give us root in order that with can try new things on our tablets. That's all we ask 

Yes, That's true many people tested newer versions of Android and went with a dead tablet. Mine came with Google services enabled from factory because I purchased in Taiwan, mine is the Taiwanese version, the closest to an international variant available at that time. Chinese versions came without Google play store so many tried to root it. Mine is also working fine despite many apps like YouTube and chrome have been updated. The Z launcher was updated too but only received one major update months ago (firmware)

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I do think the same, N1 customers believed in Nokia in those hard days when most people thought Nokia was never to come back...and by purchasing the N1 it proved to be it was not the case, so Nokia should give support for it even when HMD followed their approach

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Anyone here has the original firmware? Even Nokia could share it with us. It would be a good start

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Lack of original firmware is also a problem for the Lumia 2520 tablet - the Windows Device Recovery Tool doesn't support it and the MS supports teams "It's a Nokia product, not our responsibility" :confused: !!!

At least Lumia 2520 is supposed to be supported by MS/B2X and they have support forums, even if they're not useful.

Nokia Group should provide support for the Nokia N1 - if not on this forum (since it's for Nokia Phones) then Nokia Technologies (who made the N1) should provide some support method.

Perhaps the support was only available in the countries where the N1 was officially sold? China, Taiwan, Hong Kong?

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 At least the N1 is usable and allows to install apk's even that no google services are installed. The 2520 is also an amazing device but i believe it is a bit more limited than the N1. Evens so i think that Nokia, Microsoft or anyone else should give some support. Telling that it's not their part it's easy so as is giving some help to buyers from thier products as we all are

Hi guys. Lets make some noise everyday and try to make Nokia or HMD hear us. We cannot be left aside. We helped them when they needed and now we need help!!!


Hi all! 

Thanks for raising this issue. We understand just how frustrating it can be not to know who to contact for support. 

As Nokia N1 came to market through brand licensing by Foxconn, no product support is provided by HMD or Nokia, and as it was was officially marketed and sold only in China and Taiwan, there is no global support in place.

However, we do want to help connect you to the appropriate channel whenever possible. If you contact our customer support with your query, they will be able to guide you to the appropriate local support channel that might be able to assist you further.

Have a wonderful day,

Anna (Moderator) 

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Hello Anna. When we bought our N1's we didn't cared if it was foxconn or whatelse. The N1 came out also in the UK with google services. I already tried many contacts (Nokia, Foxconn, etc...) but all with no reply or feedback.

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Now that new Nokia come out in China with Google Play and services, why don't they make an update to Nokia N1 to have them to? I believe it is not very dificult to achieve and it would make a lot of people happy

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 Which version of Android runs on the N1? Could you just install the OpenGApps APK? Or try MicroG?

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