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Nokia N1

For new Nokia phones we have this site/forum. For old phones we have os Microsoft. What about Nokia N1? A tablet that helped Nokia just a couple of years ago and now left to total unsupport. Anyone else, but me have one of these? I surely believe so. I know we are lots of sad users that have no support at all from Nokia. When they announced that all batches sold in seconds everyone was happy but now that we need a small help no one cares. We simply need update files so that we can restore or save our tablets

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I have both Chinese and Taiwan versions. On Chinese i use F-Droide and Aptoide as store. Tried MicroG and OpenGapps with no success but runs very smoothly. What do you use?

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I think we've got two threads going with the same topic name, confusing :~

Actually I never managed to get an N1 so that's one reason I asked if OpenGapps or MicroG worked. F-Droid and Aptoide are also good suggestions, although I find it's often difficult to know exactly which version of software to install from Aptoide.

Actualy i'm selling my Chinese one. The first thing i noticed is the battery that lasts more on the Chinese version because it does not have google services working ;) . If you're interested... :)

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 If I get one I'd like a HK/Taiwan one.

Have one too :)

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