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Video playback freezes

I am getting an issue with my nokia 8 where video freezes for a moment in between. I tried to play video on youtube app and Amazon prime video app and I experienced the same issue. Please advice what can be done to resolve this issue.

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Video freezes for a moment and then plays again and then freezes and video go completely out of sync. Very frustrating. And the issue perissits on any streaming apps..Please fix this nokia.
Are you on official Nougat or the Beta Oreo? I've not seen this happen with Oreo Beta, why not join the beta testers see if your issue still occurs and then report it via the feedback app. This way you will be helping Nokia produce a nice stable bug free firmware for our devices. I've not encountered any show stopping bugs with the Oreo Beta so you should be perfectly safe to go for it.
Somehow the issue got resolved after I submitted it to service center.
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