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Availability in rest of the world?

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So the Nokia 7 was announced in China and I think it is already sold out, well done!

What's the plan for the availability in the rest of the world? Will there be any differences?

Cheers :)

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Hi madbilly! 

Thanks for your support. :) The Nokia 7 is currently exclusive to the Chinese market.

Have a great day,

Anna (Moderator)

Hi Anna,

So it's safe to assume the Nokia 7 won't be available in Europe this year?

Too bad. That's really, really too bad.

I'd buy this phone in a heartbeat if it were for sale in the Netherlands.

If there was a known European near-future launch date, I'd probably wait for it.

Now it's just a guessing game, like will it ever come available in Europe.

I'd rather but the 7 but it will probably be the Samsung A5 2018 next january.

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 That's a real shame. The nokia 7 has the perfect size and charateristics to be my ideal buy. Many phones are too big, or have a big bezel, while this particular model is the only one which is weatherproff and small. The only alternatives are to be found in the samsung offering, but I don't want to go there because they don't offer timely upgrades.

Will nokia change its plans?

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Is headphone available in the box, as in unboxing video it can't be seen
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