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The gps is turned off, but the gps icon is visible on the notification bar... I had to restart my phone twice today to solve it... And after restarting the problem was gone... But it seems to come up often

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No issues here with GPS and I'm on the Oreo Beta, working fine for me with Google maps navigation.
I have the same problem, GPS icon is always on notification bar, even if you torn off the GPS, icon remain there. Please fix or give us a solution. Thanks
Ok, the bug is from this beta version, after reboot GPS icon gone, if you start any application what use GPS, icon do not disappear after locate you even if you close that application, like remain in cache. Is there even if GPS is not in use.
I'm on the Oreo Beta and I can't recreate this issue, I use GPS a lot for navigation, with Google maps GPS location icon comes on and disappears again when I exit the app. Same happens with copilot, exit it, location icon disappears as expected.
No it doesn't, i closed the app, removed everything from the recent apps, forced the Google map to stop... But only restarting the phone seems to fix the issue
No it doesn't i closed the app, removed all apps from the recent apps, forced the Google maps to stop... But restarting the phone seems to fix the issue


After reboot when is gone the GPS icon try to open any application what use GPS (GMap or any other program), and please let me know if the GPS icon gone after you close the GMap or other application. There is a but i think on notification and keep that icon there even if GPS is stop.

Technical moderator

Please use the Feedback application to report the issue. Thanks a lot for your support!

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◆ Möbius - technical moderator I did, thanks...
Möbius, of course we did but we get no feedback or no one contact us.


Hi Florin, 

Please check the FAQ:

I submitted an issue via the Feedback App. Can I see how this is progressing?

This depends on the severity of the issue. We may need to come back to you for more info but only if you have given us your approval to do so. We are unable to keep you updated on a case-by-case basis but all issues/suggestions submitted through the feedback app are reviewed. 

Hope this clarifies things.

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator) 

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