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The back camera lacks settings on manual mode, I'd love to play with all the camera settings on manual mode... The back camera also has some focusing problems... It doesn't focus on objects fast and often loses focus and refocuses in the middle... Which is annoying. The front camera is grainy and lacks details... You guys need to redesign the whole camera app

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Many people's where complained about this issue...i don't know why mute?.... Even ANNA also no comment on this...i but this mobile only for camera priority but looking dissatisfied for my purpose.....old lumina camera app is best

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I've been fortunate enough to have this Nokia 8, a Galaxy S8 and the Xperia Xz1 to test side by side with my trusty Lumina 950. On paper the Camera on the Nokia 8 should be the best of the bunch, but in real world, the images it produces are washed out and over exposed compared with all of the others above... Including the Lumia 950, which is now 2 years old. Where is the innovation? I'm sure the hardware should be fine, and I'm really hoping the disappointing performance can be corrected with firmware and software.

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The Nokia 8 camera is already behind it's competitors in pixel size (1.12um) and camera aperture (f2.0), because some competitors are already using 1.4um and f1.7 in their camera's.

But I bought the Nokia 8 knowing this, I was really hoping Nokia would make up for this by using better software (and the Zeiss lenses which are actually nice), but so far I am dissapointed in the camera software!

Please improve the autofocus, pictures are subject not in perfect focus! Please also add a "tap to shoot" mode, where you can tap on the screen take picture instantly after focus, my 3 year old LG G3 phone already has this!

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I found a big bug in the camera software, you can not delete photos if you have selected the micro SD card as storage. The photos remain on the SD card even if you have tried to delete them in the camera app.

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The deletion problem should have been fixed with yesterday's photos app update.

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I forgot to say that you also need to add a 60fps mode for 1080p video, every other competitor has this and it should only require a software update for the camera app.

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