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Poor customer support from Nokia

Just bought Nokia 8 because I loved the Nokia phones and did not want to buy any chinese shit. But Nokia doesnt want to take feedback of customers.

Hmm... You are mixing customer support and customer feedback. Is everything OK with your device? If you have a problem and Nokia Care is refusing to examine your device or is giving you bad advices, that could be poor customer support that could also have legal implications.

Could you describe the problem a little more? :)


Hi user1509175266411,

If you are indeed having trouble with our customer support, kindly tell us a little bit more about this so we can figure out the best way to help you. 

Have a wonderful say!
Anna (Moderator) 

As for me am using Nokia 3 but the device Navigation key don't respond sometimes, I mean the back key, menu key, and clear key,... Even the device have started hanging....the device have been acting like that seen the first day have been using it.


Sorry to hear this user869, have you been in touch with customer support?


Anna (Moderator) 

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