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Blank screen problem in Nokia 3

Is there any solution for blank screen problem it repaired three days ago..the problem still has only been a month I brought Nokia and I feel it was my mistake to go for is not worth purchasing..please we need an update for this problem...Nokia should atleast look forward to satisfy the problems of the costumer seems Nokia is not interested in solving consumer grieviences..the phone looks dead after keeping for a while...nd doesn't responds after hundreds of tries...we need answers Nokia team!

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Some how they have blocked me in nokia support chat .Good work HMD global fooling ardent Nokia fans like me.Nokia3 phone should not be bought.Freezes without warning and no solution from your end .

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Hi both,

Sorry to hear about your disappointment. To help us know what happened, could you please provide some more details about your interaction with customer support? 

Many thanks!
Anna (Moderator) 

My september 1 bought nokia 3 freezes without warning after the 7.1.1 nougat update. I tried to contact through support chat which always says can't send message. I have a active internet connection.
Hey...I went to customer support last week ..thy kept my phone and they changed the mother board ..but wen I brought it back the next the phone again had d same problem...and most importantly it does not responds for 2-3 hrs..that is very disappointing..and now I have realised it that wen ever I use the camera that day the phone dies or the blank screen persist.since .yesterday I didn't used camera and had no issues.. please we want the problem to fixed as it disappoints alot

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As for me am using Nokia 3 but the device Navigation key don't respond sometimes, I mean the back key, menu key, and clear key,... Even the device have started hanging....the device have been acting like that seen the first day have been using it.
My Nokia 3 hang too since 7.1.1 update...

Hi user1509041875132,

I noticed the same thing - the phone only freezes after using camera. If I do not use camera, the phone works normally. Moreover, if I just open the camera app, but do not take a picture, the phone works normally. But if I take the picture, the phone freezes the same day. And it does not depend on the camera app - in-built or any other.

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Yes Alexander u r right I too noticed the same thing .. but this is not right na...if we have to avoid black screen..u can't take pictures...Nokia should do something for the problem...we need a solution
Yes Alexander u r right I too noticed the same thing .. but this is not right na...if we have to avoid black screen..u can't take pictures...Nokia should do something for the problem...we need a solution...

Hi guys ! I think I have solution for you. I had same problem and as you write that it only turn black if you take a photo so I realize that  in the settings > Display there is item named "Press power button twice for camer" so I turn that off and Iam not getting any "black screens" anymore !! I hope that this helped someone :) (Iam sorry for my bad English its not my native language so dont hate me for that :D )

BTW: If you get that black screen you just press and hold VOLUME UP and POWER button for couple of seconds and the phone will reboot again :)


Hi user1509385896600!

This trick does not seem to work, at least not for me. I turned off this "power button twice for camera" long ago, but the screen freezes still happen after taking pictures.

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Only Nokia can fix this problem.I had the same problem the day I bought the phone. So they gave me a new one.
You r lucky bro..because when i went to service center they denied to replace d phone saying the time of replacement is over

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We should warn our loved ones and friends about this, posting on facebook so they will never buy this nokia, 'coz there's so many issues. A total waste of money. I have Nokia5. And I regret buying this. Maybe Oppo and Vivo are nice specially on the specs. Nokia will gonna block me or hate me with this but I'm just telling the truth, waste of money.

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