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Under Edit Profile, I cannot change the Avator nor my Country. The Save Button doesn't work there. You can press it but nothing happens.

Is this on purpose?

 I have the same problem, in several web browsers. The Save button does nothing when you click it.

 This fails for me in Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome. The page will not even load completely in Opera or in Internet Explorer 11. This is with ad-blockers turned off.

I found I couldn't do any of that in my usual browser (Opera) but I tried it in another (Edge) and it worked. Still had to try a couple of times and not sure it is picking up the Country (UK).

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Maybe Firefox tracking protection is stopping it working... but I just checked and for some reason it wasn't turned on, ah!

So, I still can't update my profile. Any idea why, HMD?

Firefox seems to work for me, it could be a problem with any third party extensions.

PrivacyBadger has this site whitelisted so I am unsure what an adblocker is detecting?


Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into it! 


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 I also tried to change my profile picture in Firefox and the save button didn't work.

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 Still can't change my avatar pic.

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