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beta labs isn't currently supported on my Nokia 8


I am Nokia 8 owner since 2 weeks. Ive registered acocunt and I wanted to join BETA program for Nokia 8. Unfortunately, despite I provided correct IMEI and my network provider name, during verification of phone,  I got message "Sorry, it looks like beta labs isn't currently supported on your phone". 

Any clue what might be doing wrong ?


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Hi seba!

Could you let us know your phone model (in the following format: TA-XXXX), what country you're in and what operator you're on?

Anna (Moderator) 

Hello My model is TA-1004 , I'm located in Poland and my operator is


Hi seba! 

Thank you. As we are not aware of any exclusions based on your country, phone model, or operator, we have to kindly ask you to contact customer support. 

In addition to the details you have provided here, please also provide them with your IMEI and let them know this is a beta labs registration issue. 

Many thanks for your continued patience,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi. I'm using a Nokia 3 and I get the message beta lab is not supported to the device currently. I'm from Sri Lanka.



Nokia 3 is currently not supported.

Have a lovely day!
Anna (Moderator) 

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I have nokia 7 plus TA-1046 DS Indian version, I am unable to register in beta labs ,but successfully registered under Android P DP section. Is there any problem with Indian variant to register with beta labs?

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