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Screen cast/mirroring not working.

Screen cast/mirroring not working on my Smart TV and Sony home theater system. 

Samsung Galaxy j7 pro, Lenovo P2 and  Letv2 mobile works fine.

Will there be any software update coming?

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I noticed this as well when I first got my Nokia 8, it works with Chromecast only, most TVs use something called miracast. It's something that Google removed with android 5.0 lollipop, other phone manufacturers have added this functionality themselves. In my searching online I found it was possible to enable it as it is just a switch that needs turning on in a configuration file but to do this you need root access which we do not have. Nokia should be able to enable this and make it work by pushing an update.

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Mee too same issue can't connect to my Bravia.... Many budget phones have this feature but where as nokia didn't have instead their saying Chromecast... The mobile is expensive but no features and the main purpose to buy this is camera but it's not even up to mark and also atleast no MIRACAST... even nokia not replying on this really upset

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Same issue. Nokia should enable this, and should not force the nokia 8 owners to but chromecast. Please dont blackmail us into buying alt hardware nokia. Push an update and enable screen mirroring.

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Think I tried to explain this in a previous post, this is not Nokia's doing, it's a feature that Google removed in android 5, lollipop. I suggested it may be possible for Nokia to re-enable the feature by altering a switch in a configuration file. To do this requires root which we don't have, so I can't test this on my phone to see if the feature is still present and just disabled. In the meantime, apps are available in the play store which enable you to use miracast, some are pay, some are free but you'll have to put up with some ads.

It  is upto Nokia to add it back. My previous two phones (Sony and HTC) have their own casting system in addition to using the built in Chromecast support.

E.g. my HTC has something called HTC Connect - cant remember what the Sony one was....

With chromecast is possible to cast some supported apps However MIRRORING ur device NOT WORKING, I really dissapointed mirroring screen should be nowadays a default feature ... Even devices released 7 years ago have this feature Nokia team when you plan to fix this.????????
The reason this works in devices from 7 years ago is because it was supported natively in android. Google dropped this support from android 5 lollipop in favour of their own Chromecast. As I've already said in a previous post it may be possible for Nokia to re-enable it, providing it has not been completely removed by Google from android 8 Oreo. If it hasn't been completely removed it can be enabled with a switch in a configuration file, but to access this file root is required which is something we don't have. Be patient I'm sure they can sort this one out, but if it's been totally removed by Google it will be harder to do. If this is so important to you their are other options, some paid, some for free in the playstore just do a search for screen mirroring.
Many features nokia didn't enable... Many brands providing excellent hardware and software at low cost.... Their promises not only in paper REAL in hands tooo

 Upon reading this thread I had my first go at connecting via Miracast and casting my Nokia 8 screen and it doesn't work for me too. Like others, my previous phone had no problems. My Nokia 8 doesn't detect my television as being available to cast to and that is as far as I get.

The link below shows the Nokia 8 (TA 1012 variant) to be Miracast certified. How do you get to be certified for something that doesn't work?

I totally support the addition of the Miracast standard! Sad to see that a Galaxy Note 3 can mirror its screen to my (pre-Android) smart TV, but my new Nokia 8 can't!

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It was removed by Google in Android 5 Lollipop, if you have root access you could try the following to re enable it, this probably needs to be tried by someone at Nokia as we don't have root.

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 I also bought Nokia 8 (Android 7.1 , Soon Oreo), and was not able to even found Screen Cast aka Miracast.. Samsung Android 7.x has this on the Settings root level?

 So is this something that needs to installed first? Has google removed Miracast in order to push ChromeCast? What about Oreo? Will it bring Miravcast back? Nokia 9, will it have it also?

Please see my previous post, it's a few back from this one. Google disabled this, not Nokia, it can sometimes be enabled again if you have root, my post above has a link on how to do it. It's pretty pointless though as we don't have root so can't try it for all of you to see if it's even possible, only someone at Nokia can tell us if the code is still present in Oreo. If it is it's one line of code that is required in the build.prop file to enable it again.

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