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Unable to delete photos

I'm not sure if this is limited to the Orea beta, but if I take photos with the camera and then go to the photos app to the delete them, the appear to delete but the files remain in the internal storage (or SD card if that is selected in the camera app). If I log into a web browser on a computer and delete the photos (when Google moves them to the trash) they are successfully deleted from my phone's storage after a few seconds.

There is an option in the photos app on the phone via the three dots menu to remove the file from the internal storage (or SD card), but that doesn't remove it from Google Photos if it has already been backed up.

Something is wrong. It can't be correct to have to delete the photo twice. And if the main delete icon is pressed (and then the photo disappears from the photos app, but is still left in storage) you'd have to find a file browser photo to locate the original file which is still saved. Or remove all the data with the photos app and restart it and lo and behold the delete photo reappears.

Can this be fixed please?

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google released today an update of the photo app. the problem is fixed now.

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 I have the same problems. If i delete a photo, a few seconds later the picture is back in my gallery. Please fix this.

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After much reading of the web this problem isn't unique to the Nokia 8. Some managed to fix it my reformatting the memory card whilst it is in the phone. This didn't work. Access is correctly granted to Photos to make use of the SD card, as two permission requests come up. However the files are not deleted from the SD card ever. Most times they are deleted from the internal memory, if that is being used, but not every time. The only fool proof way to delete all copies in a single action is to use a computer and delete from after a sync has occurred. The delete command propagates to the phone and the photos app does manage to delete from the SD card. Given Nokia do not provide any other gallery software they really need to fix this as there is no proper way to delete photos once taken.

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I don't use Photos backup & sync so I don't know what's wrong, but I'm trying my best to help you. When you delete photos, try to check with Bin section and you might need to delete them from there?


google released today an update of the photo app. the problem is fixed now.

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Indeed with the update I can confirm it is now working and when I delete from the photos app the file is removed from the SD card. A copy remains in the 'bin' on Google Photos, as I'd expect after the sync has occurred.

This is happening again. I get the message access denied at the bottom of the screen. I am not syncing photos to cloud. I am using onedrive to sync photos.

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