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Seriius Bug Report : Android 7.1.2

Hi. I recently updated to 7.1.2 via OTA. Since then any cellular activity puts the phone into flight mode and it's impossible to use it. You make a call, cut the recieved call, turn on/off cellular data, restart the phone... IT AUTOMATIXALLY GOES INTO FLIGHT MODE. This is a very serious bug, especially in case of emergency, and make the phone utterle useless. Please get a fix ASAP.

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how to update nokia 6 by ota? step by step ? can you hint?

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Please do not hijack this post asking how to update. This post is about a very serious bug. If you need help, look for other posts or Google yourself. You look stupid asking such questions in a post relate to bugs.

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I am installed the new version 7.1.2 , After can't connect the mobile into my computer. And I am also installed the Nokia driver software. But can't connect computer

Tech Wizard

Hi Bhavesh,

The cellular performance is fine with 7.1.2 and a carrier settings update for me.

Is there any damage to the SIM card, or is the SIM card old, or cut to size?

- Try start up the phone without the SIM, clean the SIM with a dry cloth, shut down the phone again, reinsert the SIM and start up the phone. Select Yes to apply operator settings and reboot if requested.

- Please consider a replacement SIM if the phone still does not work as expected.


hi Hpholm It's neither a problem of SIM card nor cellular performance issue. Everything was working just fine for more than a month when I was on 7.1.1.. The moment I did FOTA 7.1.2, this issue started. You hang up a call, you cancelled a call, you miss a call, you send an SMS, The phone immediately goes to flight mode. Don't plane my SIM card (which BTW is near and official, just in case you'd ask.) This is a stupid bug, making phone useless AF.


Hi Bhavesh! 

Sorry to hear this. Have you been in touch with customer support? They are the best point of call for urgent troubleshooting, and should be able to assist you. 

Hope your issue gets resolved quickly!

Many thanks,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Anna. I've messages support chat 4 days ago, but haven't heard form then so far. Top be honest I'm very disappointed.


Hi Bhavesh, 

Very sorry to hear this. I've forwarded your feedback to the relevant team. They should be in touch with you via email soon. 

Thanks for your patience,

Anna (Moderator) 

it seems no further person having this issue? have you already tried the unloved reset to factory settings?
"No further person has this issue"... Well good for them... NOW, I'M HAVING THIS BUG; SO, EITHER PROPOSE ME A SOULTUON OR DON'T COMMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE. I've paid for the phone, and FOTA was official, so IT'S A BUG... A MAJOR ONE.. Also don't suggest me any stupid solutions like taking the sim and reset. For starters, I've done that.. and I'M A POWER USER. Don't take me for a fool. Comment only if you have a silution, or you're Nokia support.
First, as i wanted to help, there is no need at all to be unfriendly.

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Thanks for reminding us of our #1 House Rule, which is:  

1. Be kind. Treat everyone on this forum with the same respect you’d like to be treated with. 

Let's always keep that in mind. :)

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