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Oreo beta 2?

It was suggested from within the Nokia higherarchy that the Nokia 8 would be recieving Oreo by the end of October 2017. It is now 29th October and, as a beta tester, I would like to know if my next update will be a beta 2 or the release candidate of Oreo and what are the current time scales?

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Hi bro, If you using beta ..may i know any improvement in camera or same quality?.... atleast did finger print response quick?
Whilst generally I'm finding the Oreo beta pretty good, I cannot see any improvements to either the camera user interface or functionality and, to me, the fingerprint sensor appears to be behaving exactly as it always did.

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I'd like to know this as well, lets get android 8.1 beta! But I wouldn't be surprised if google is restricting it to only their own phones. Otherwise Nokia just improve the camera app, autofocus, and video quality! thank you.

Following the Nokia Support Chat seems is coming Oreo Alpha soon....

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? Generally in testing, an alpha build comes before a beta build.

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I know, blame the Nokia Support Operator :), this kind of information they give us. :)



Sorry for the confusion. There will be no Alpha after Beta, as the Alpha version always comes before the Beta version.

Regarding further beta versions - it depends whether it is needed. Unfortunately we can't share specifics at the moment. 

Have a great day!

Anna (Moderator)

Any news on a beta2 or final realese?
Saludos, Ya estamos finalizando el mes de Febrero y aún sigo con la versión Beta dé Oreo 8.0 y él parche de seguridad de Diciembre 1 del 2017. Será qué en marzo, abril o mayo tendremos el Nokia 6 2017 con su versión oficial de Oreo al menos?

 seems to be good for Clash of Clans Apk

How do u feel about oreo . Does it work fully. Does anyone lost any personal data, because HMD warned us to back up data. Did anyone list anything. I hadn't updated this beta since i am fear of losing my data.
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