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Bluetooth turning off by it self.

I have to turn on the bluetooth practically every day because it turns off by itself. It appears to do this at inactive times. I typically notice this when i try to check my fitbit stats or put bluetooth headphones on. Is there a way to fix this?

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je have the same trouble on Nokia 6. I search how to do but I found nothing...

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For be seems to happen overnight when charging, maybe when the battery hits 100%

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I see similar problem on my Nokia 6. I haven't found any particular pattern

when the BT turns OFF, but it happens almost daily.

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I never turn off BT manually, but usually it is disabled in the morning. Very annoying. 

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My Asus Zenwatch 2 has become almost unusable as Bluetooth keeps turning off every few minutes...

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Same problem here. When I get in my car it says it's connected. A minute or so later a message on the dash says it's disconnected. After a while another message appears "Nokia 5 connected" and the cycle repeats endlessly. It stops me playing music from the phone. Any answers Nokia?

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 Happening to me too on my Nokia 6. Happens about every 5 hours. Really annoying since I use Moto 360 everyday.

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Same (really annoying) issue here with a Nokia 6. I only realize the BT is off when receiving a call in my car and not being able to pick up...

Will this be fixed with the Oreo update ?

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I use as a workaround Automate app with Bluetooth enable flow.

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Thanks, the Automate app solution did the trick.

Does someone knows if the issue is solved in the Oreo beta ?

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I am also having the same problem. After being with contact with support for 2 hours not getting anywhere I returned the phone and got another one. Worked for a day and still same problem. Blutooth disables itself after 5 hours, must be a software issue I kept it original out of the box no apps installed but still same issue. This is very dangerous if you receive a call in the car and you have to try to connect the Bluetooth there can be a serious accident which can have consequences. Please Nokia fix this issue.

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My problem with my Nokia 5 is likewise! Bluetooth keeps turning on by itself! Anybody else has this problem?

This used to happen to me too, but it doesn't seem to be an issue in the Oreo beta.

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I had this problem but having contacted Nokia they have resolved the problem for me. Their fix is:-

Could you please try to do the followings steps:
Go to "Settings" - "Apps" - tap on the 3dots icon - "Show system" - Look for "Bluetooth Share" tap on it - "Force stop" - "Storage" - "Clear the Cache and Data".
Restart your device.
"Settings" - "Storage" - "Cached Data" tap on it and confirm clear.
Restart your device one more time.
Open "Settings" - "Location" - tap on the 3dots icon - "Scanning..." - "Turn OFF the Bluetooth Scanning"

As I said, it's resolved mine.

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