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Power button on Nokia 5 rattle

Hello, one month ago i bought nokia 5. Now i discovered that power button rattle. It is quite loud noise. Do you have the same problem or is it only my phone? Should I complain? Thanks.

I think it is Ok. On my Nokia the same. I use iPhone SE too and it rattle like a crazy :D

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Yes, mine has also started to rattle and it's a little bit disappointing. I'm trying to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary to prolong its lifespan. Hopefully the Oreo update will add double-tap to wake, which would help. In the meantime, you can install apps to similar effect. If the button completely fails within the warranty period, I don't see why repair won't be covered.

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Ok, thanks, so it is normal. I dont mind if it is ok. I only do not want to loose it :D 

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