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First impressions of Nokia 8

3 weeks in, I've been comparing the 8 with my 2 year old Lumia 950, a new Galaxy S8 and the Xperia Xz1. The Nokia is beautiful. It's very well made, and although not quite as cool as the S8, (it's the same oversized formfactor as the 950 and Xz1), it's a good looking device. However... Stock Android is dull as dishwater. It's the same old mass of icons as every other Android handset. Nothing innovative at all. The only app that isn't made by Google, the camera is basic at best. The performance of the camera, which should be the best of the bunch on paper, is terrible. HMDs reliance on pure Google apps is really disappointing. The native Google apps are mediocre at best and lack anything original. At least Sony and Samsung give you the option of tracking and managing your device through a Sony or Samsung account. If I switch all of the Google rubbish off on this handset, I can't manage it at all. The lack of a native photo app is also disappointing. How about writing one that give you a choice of cloud backup a count to use... Dropbox, One drive, Flickr or Amazon? Or any of the others. Make the device about the consumer and use Software to do that. Similarly with Maps... Why not give the user the choice of which mapping application to use by default? Here maps are great for driving... And even when I disabled Google maps, and Here is the only mapping application installed... The phone opens addresses with the Google maps website... Come on guys! You had such an opertunity with such a beautiful handset to make it different to the £200 less expensive handsets from the likes of Huawei. But you've left it languishing with stock everything. And... Given that it's stock everything... How come it is taking so long to put Oreo on it? The only upside of having a big standard OS is that it can be updated almost immediately... But no. I'm really hoping the stalling the Oreo update is because your going to do something great with the firmware and software.... But I'm not holding my breath. Hardware 8/10 only bettered by the slender S8 with its Amoled screen. OS implementation including camera 4/10 it's so unimaginative it's depressing.

A few things are understandable but the overall disappointment I don't share and IMO way too hard. Yes stock is not EMUI or any other custom UI. But I like it more than other UIs. We can't really argue about taste, but you knew about stock before you bought it. I wouldn't buy Samsung for example. The mediocre camera app is not exactly great, true. I think for their own hardware (camera and mics) there should be their own recording apps. (And better one than the camera, preferably also with getting more or of the Zeiss sensors than currently) But anything else, I am happy with Gapps. The limitation to Google from "photos" is not ideal, yes. But you can still download Flickr to backup, no? (Mark, "send to", Flickr?) Personally I hate it when Samsung et al want me to create yet another account and I'm happy with my Google backup. I am also fine that I can track my phone with Google and not Sony.
I don't share your very strong disappointment. the own hardware, yes, should be better, i.e. camera and microphone recording. The photo app however is fine for me (even though it's limiting to Google as a Google app of course), since I think I could still install Flickr or sth else and back it up there in another way. This and the rest: no. I am fine with Gapps and I am also very happy not to open yet another account with the Samsungs and Sonys and Huaweis out there. Why did you buy a stock UI phone if you hate it so much? I for example wouldn't buy a Samsung.

I really like the Nokia 8, I prefer it's excellent IPS screen over amoled personally. Also I like how clear the bottom speaker is, the camera's have potential, maybe they can improve the camera app further with an update. I miss tap screen to focus and shoot feature my previous phone has. Also I can't believe they didn't put a notification LED on this thing. Overall great job though. I wouldn't mind a bit more Nokia personality in the software though, even if it's just small things, it would make the phone feel more unique than it does.

I purchased a Nokia 8 because it was near stock android on a flagship handset. I've had a Samsung phone and while I liked it at first, Samsung do not care about updates or the user after they have sold their hardware. Their software is also horribly buggy and they load it up with a ton of crapware that you don't need and cannot uninstall which wastes space as it's built into the firmware. For example their is no need for them to include Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media apps that as soon as you login to Google play store get updates and then take up twice the amount of space as the newer version gets installed in user space still leaving the old version eating up space. Having a bare bones near stock android system is so much better it gives you a choice to customise your phone how you like it, you can change your launcher, camera app and choose whatever mapping software or browser you want to use from the store to customise it. It also means fast updates to newer versions of Android and security updates since very few customisations need to be made. Bottom line my Samsung phone drove me nuts with its random reboots, the modem crashing all the time meaning when you went to make a call you couldn't hear the caller and they couldn't hear you. The only way to fix this was with a reboot, it's hardware was great, but it had some of the worst and buggiest software I've ever tried to use, Samsung never fixed any of these bugs and it seemed to get worse with each firmware update, I was glad to be rid of it.
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