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How many fps?

Hi, what are the specs of the video camera? My preferred app "open camera" has few options but no way to show if these options are actually supported. I think the standard is 30fps in 4k. But how about 1080p? Or 720p? Is there any higher frame rate? 60fps? Maybe even 120?

I believe both 4K and 1080p are 30fps on the Nokia 8. While it doesn't say anywhere in the camera app I believe the slow motion feature records 720p at 120fps

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Thanks, yes that could be but nobody really know (except @nokiamobile?) ... Anyways, I tried testing more with open camera and videos. Unfortunately open camera is completely unable to make videos with Nokia 8 (Oreo beta). Only still picture with sound, no matter what I enter in the options... The Nokia camera app works but 1) no info on fps and 2) no way to change a few parameters (it's also ugly af)...
Helloooo Nokia? Any info on this? I think you are the only one who knows this. Can you please answer? 60fps yes?no? 120 fps yes no? Other app support yes? No? It's not that difficult of a question really... *Eyesroll*

I don't know about the specific framerate of the 8's slow-motion video mode, but Open Camera records videos for me (Nougat 7.1.1 on the TA-1012). It does never record more than 30 fps though, no matter the resolution. (BTW, 2048 x 1536 is interesting: HD video in 4:3 aspect ratio!)

I'm running Oreo beta so I might be a beta bug actually. Open camera will only record one still picture with sound (I assume one microphone only and not ozo). Thanks for the feedback
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