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Can we please discuss the so called "premium" materials that have become so prevalent lately?

Glass is fragile and tarnishes quickly. Metal worsens radio frequency reception and prohibits wireless charging. Neither are good choices for a smartphone.

Nokia was known for their highly unique designs and extraordinary polycarbonate unibodies. Looking at discussions on technology journalism sites and Reddit, I feel there's quite a lot of us that are hoping to see a return of the iconic Nokia designs and durable yet beautiful polycarbonate materials. We're tired of phones that break as soon as you look at them the wrong way, and we're tired of all smartphones looking the same.

So please, return the iconic designs and polycarbonate unibodies.

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Nokia N9 polycarbonate body still remains as reference to see how a phone with high quality has to be made. Nokia should once again use that polycarbonate bodies...they should establish cooperation with their former suppliers of such material. Recent plastic phones like 105 (2017) and Nokia 3 back cover are no way close to the quality many plastic bodies from Nokia phones from the past (example Nokia 301...asha...Nokia 105 (2011 version) etc

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