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Nokia 8 bootloader unlock

When will it be possible to unlock the bootloader?

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go to Settings >> developer options >> OEM unlocking>> switch on Allow the bootloader to be unlocked

Well, what's the use of this. The bootloader via fastboot is still not unlocked.


As mentioned, when you go to download mode on your device and when you type fastboot oem unlock, it get stuck on the command, and there's no serial when you type fastboot devices as well which means that the fastboot driver is not recognized by your PC, in this case, Nokia is blocking OEM unlocking from its side and forget about OEM Unlocking option in developer options because it's appearing by default, regarding their latest news, they are discussing the bootloader unlocking option internally and there's no confirmation regarding it until now, we will wait for it!

Well, as long as it is happening soon... Nokia has a long tradition of supporting devs, no reason to break it now.

 I am going to cross-post this till we get anyone's attention on this matter:

Can anyone provide an estimate please? (of course first you'd have to actually pay attention to this thread and not just ignore it)

Will it be here by the end of December? In January?

You guys know you should've already done this by now. The people that are interested in buying this device and are also interested in Custom ROMs are running straight to HTC and One+ because Juho's "Give us time, we hear you" turned 2 months old a while ago and this phone will be abandoned by any developer if you plan on unlocking and providing Kernel sources after half a year.

All we want is an estimate, to know if we should abandon the Nokia brand now or if there's still hope for it in the dev/modding community.

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Will we wait for the unlocking of the bootloader? I already bought myself a Oneplus 5.
Someone from the official representatives of Nokia will answer specifically: when will the boot loader be unlocked?

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No one from Nokia cares about bootloader unlock. So next device isn't a Nokia for sure!

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Very regrettably. It is necessary to get rid of this device. No one from my environment will buy more products from this manufacturer.

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But Nokia claimed that we have a method to unlock our phones, no?

Did you know this post? Has anyone tried those methods? Fake or what?

Dear bloomba,

You are sharing a different case here! We are seeking Bootloader unlocking on Nokia smartphones, framaroot and kingroot apps are used for rooting only, and they do support weak MediaTEK chipsets only, we need Bootloader unlocking! Not ROOTING

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I totally agree with @muhannadsalhab Unlocked bootloader is the first we need, Then we can speak about root, but let open the bootloader first. Sorry but I think there will no method to open the bootloader coming from Nokia! Juho and the other guys having me on ignore. I have asked to much, shame on you. Ignore isn't a fine art.


Even December security patches are not released until now as they have promised, and every time I speak to their support team on chat, I receive the same response which is: "Every device has its own model and region, please be patient, you will receive the updates soon" most of my friends received the update since 2 weeks ago, so I think Nokia's support team considering and dealing with their customers (Developers) as children, giving you illogical words! Will sell all of my Nokia devices today (Nokia 6, 5, 3, 2) and I will get back to HTC and Motorola for Custom ROMs and Android Development.

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