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7.1.2 broke android auto

 Very unhappy with 7.1.2 so far, wish I could revert to 7.1.1 .  Ever since update I an not get android auto to connect on 2017 Kia.  Worked perfectly before.  Tried removing and reinstalling app.,  made sure all permissions were granted, event turned on USB debugging with no success.  Luckily I can still return phone to Amazon and will be doing so if I can't get it to work today.

I can confirm this issue with 7.1.2 and a Pioneer 4200NEX head unit. It will not connect, this is frustrating. Has anyone confirmed if the Oreo beta update fixes the issue?

I might have a solution here. Follow the below mentioned steps. 1. Make sure all the relevant softwares are updated. 2. Use a good quality USB cable 3. Initiate USB debugging 4. Open settings, go to battery, open background activity manager and switch on Android auto and maps from the list below. 5. Restart the phone.
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