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Nokia 7 Availability in India

Hi, Can you please tell when Nokia 7 phone will be launched In India ? Badly waiting for it. Thanks

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I was hoping that Nokia 7 will get launched in India on 31st October , but it did not happen. Could you please tell when the phone will be launched in India.  ? 

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release launching date of nokia 7

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May be Nokia 7 will release next month globally as per the rumors.

i hope NOKIA 7 entrance Malaysia & Singapore market soon.

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Waiting for Nokia 7 to be launched in India. It's a grt phone with features and value.

Hi Team,,,,,,The all want to know only when will be launching Nokia 7 India.....not to get ensure about your product is good please ensure before going to filing the peoples about to u.

Hi Team,,,,,Everyones are waiting for ur reply........are going to launching any phones in India let me know ASAP  

Hi Friends ...I got one update from third party site....Nokia 7 should be launching on Upcoming 30 March.

Hi Team,,,If your not able to provide expected date to launch in India........then no need to launch any other Nokia mobiles in India..........Details About Product  -  Brand. Nokia  Marketing  Team-HMD global  and Manufacturer-Foxconn...............

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