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Crashed, restarted and settings are messed up...

all the sudden the phone froze and rebooted itself as I were reading emails.  When it came back up, home and last app (square button) did not work anymore (as in it does not do anything).  Assistant, by long pressing home, did not work.  Most of settings were set to default etc.  I did several reboot but it remained in that state and I could not make it go back to a right state.  I proceeded to factory reset and I am restoring apps etc now...

I am not sure if this is beta related but I was running 8.0 on Nokia 8.

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Hi TokuroY! 

Thanks for your feedback. To make sure the issue is properly recorded, please make sure you report it via the Feedback App.  

You can always revert back to Nougat by requesting an OTA roll back. 

Hope this helps.

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator) 

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