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Multi-touch problem of Nokia3's touchscreen

I own a Nokia3 and it's touchscreen works fine in most situations.

But it is not okay for my multi-touch testing.

When I keep two fingers close to the center of the screen, the response is correct.

But when I keep fingers close to the edge of the screen, it always shows only one point.

I got the same results between test with glass screen protectors or none.

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I have a similar problem with the touchscreen of the Nokia 3. Happens to me with teo Nokia 3's. When playing a game in landscape mode, the lower part of the screen doesn't react to two simultaneous touches (around 1cm from the lower edge to the middle is affected). Happens in games where you have to move/look and shoot at the same time. It doesn't matter how you hold the phone (bottom speaker on left or right). I tried several 'touchscreen test' apps and the phone registers 10 finger multi touch without any issues. I hope Nokia/HMD will address this issue.

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I too have this problem. Especially while playing games it's annoying!

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my phone Nokia 3 has the same problem. multi touch does not work during properly the games

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hello I wish that could solve this problem soon because it prevents me from playing my games on my device, we would like nokia have a response according to the situation presented by users

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I have this problem too. Please fixed it on next update. I love nokia phone. Build quality are very good.

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I have this issue too. Hope will be fixed on the next update.

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Hi im from indonesia , I have the same issue too, @nokia Can you solve this issue on ur next update?

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Same problem, is this a permanent problem or a software update will fix it? Does anyone know?

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same problem,i cant play emulators with only one point i wish it update so it can fix this

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Tech Wizard

Yupp same problem with every Nokia 3 i guess. I wonder if it's a hardware issue or just the software. I heard someone asked the support staff about this and they said that Nokia 3 doesn't have continuous multi touch feature. Shame on them.

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Tech Wizard

Ok i just had a chat with Nokia support team just now they said that they will investigate this issue deeply. Let's see how much time they take too address this issue and its been two months already.

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Yes i have this problem too please fix it, playing game is so uncomfortable

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same problem with multitouch it annoying

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Hello Nokia, please fix multi touch nokia3 soon. Many people uncomfortable with this problem. Please please please!!

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