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bacground activity manager and battery questions

with 7.1.2 update in the battery menu appeared a Background activity manager. How does it work? Is this a more sophisticated battery saver? If i enable it how does it affect app updates. It says that i wont receive them that often but it seems that i don't get them at all. for example i had lock screen cleaner on but whitelisted facebook messanger and i never got a notification. also it surprises me that on nokia 5 manual anna posted, it says that you should charge your phone to 100% while battery science explains that we should be charging from 20% to 80% with occasional full drainage and full charge. what should we do?
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Tech Wizard

Regarding Background activity manager on 7.1.2 Update.
You can choose which applications you want to run in the background. Like running the Mail application to continuously run in background and notify you as soon as u get a mail. Else you will get the mail / notification updates only after opening the application manually.

It surely is a good way to stop applications sucking battery and checking for mail/ updates if you have limited mobile data.

Also, Check Settings > Battery > Battery Activity Manager > 'Application' should be added in Whitelist (So it can run in the Background). 

PS :I noticed that after each application is updated, It is automatically added to Whitelist !!

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