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Nokia 6 + Chrome: Strange Inertial Scrolling Behavior

Inertial scrolling doesn't work if I swipe above a certain speed. This appears to only happen in Chrome, inertial scrolling works normally in the Settings app, OneNote, etc.


Nokia 6 TA-1033

Android 7.1.2

Chrome 61.0.3163.98


Scrolling works as expected on my HTC One M7 with the same version of Chrome.

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Issue is still not fixed after the latest update. Responses to the above video and on other forums show that this is not an isolated issue. Opened a case with Nokia support but they didn’t even bother to replicate the issue and closed the case. Atrocious customer support.

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I confirm this issue is still present. It looks like a lag but isn't. It happens also with Amazon app and other apps while scrolling down.
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