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Audio quality through 3.5mm jack...

Hi, I'm on the Android 8.0 beta, I am getting a noise floor and static like noise through the 3.5mm jack, it's not very loud but quite annoying, I tried several earphones including the nokia ones that came with the phone, all exhibit that hissing/static  constant noise floor which is particularly apparent during quit parts of music, or just listening to people talk on youtube and there is also a distortion like effect surrounding voices on youtube as if the gain of some setting is too high. Can anyone hear what I'm talking about on their N8? It's really killing my enthusiasm for this phone when the audio output quality is worse than my 4 year old LG G3... 

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Yes I heard that. Nothing we can change, it's about the quality of hardware.

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No headphones to hand to check myself but does the volume control affect the noise volume or is the volume control simply changing the audio signal volume before the headphone amp?

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Android 7 with Sennheiser in ear headphones has no noise at all on YouTube pop videos. Hitting pause has no clicks either. I shall hang off trying Oreo. This is my second Nokia 8 as the first had an accelerometer off by about 4 degrees and it was replaced.

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It easily hear is low volume. I listen to many original soundtrack which made me notice the noise. Also GSM Arena site has tested and found out it have more harmonic distortion than other brands.

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No issues here with the sound quality. I'm not on the Oreo beta though
I have the same issue I'm using a pair of audio technica ATH-IM50 earbuds very obvious and very disturbing noise when using the headphone jack, especially when I turn down the volume to the minimum late at night or when I listen to content with a lot of speeches tried around 3 demo handsets and all suffered from the same issue I come across this video and I guess the design of the headphone jack ribbon cable may have something to do with the poor audio also, when I'm testing on one of my friend's nokia 8 with his own earbuds (model unclear, but it is most likelyore expensive then my IM50), I can barely hear anything when turning the volume way down and the issue is much less obvious I suspect that the impedance of the earbuds also have something to do with the problem as a side note, the same issue happens on the loudspeaker even if I turn off (mute) the media sound when I'm watching YouTube video or playing games with background music or anything that will play some sound there is hissing noise from the loudspeaker as soon as the playback or the source of sound stops, the hissing stops (media sound still muted) quite frustrating to be honest

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Yes the audio quality really is devastatingly bad for a phone of this price, even phones half the price have better audio than this, it really is simply unacceptable on Nokia's part! A workaround I came up with was using higher impedance phones, I'm using 160ohm headphones, and the distortion is minimized enough that I can get by, still not perfect though. Really Nokia... I don't understand how they overlooked this... So disappointed.

FFS it's the BETA, give them a chance to sort it for the stable. Nougat was fine for headphone audio so I see no reason why they can't sort Oreo as well.
Ok let's hope it's just a Oreo beta issue that will be fixed.
Hmmm, I think it's related to hardware, not the software.

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Here are my findings, let me know if you experience the same. What we are hearing is clipping noise. 1. ATH SJ55 which has 48 ohms impedance didn't clip on higher volumes, say till position 14 in volume slider. 2. ATH AD900X which has 38 ohms impedance started clipping at 9th position and above. 3. Active desktop speakers which technically have infinite input impedance didn't clip even at highest volume. My understanding is, ideally headphone out should have zero output impedance but Nokia 8 doesn't. Earphones usually have low impedance, say 8, 10, or 16, are bound to clip on Nokia 8. Infact headphones out should be renamed to Line out for Nokia 8. Coming from DAC world, this phone sounds totally disappointing. I am regretting my purchase now, cause at given price, nothing is perfect or best (What's the use of excellence screen without decent sound?). A company once used to produce music edition phones, couldn't provide a decent sound quality in its 2017 flagship phone :(

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I can confirm that. I also work as a music engineer and composer. It's happen on Nougat too.

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philwc, as a professional music engineer, could you please comment on the quality of the Nokia 8 audio recording please? also how does it compare to LG V20 G6 or V30? (phones with good microphones)? thanks a lot!

Got my 8 yesterday and use it with Cambridge Audio SE1 in-ear headphones (22 ohm impedance) and i can listen at any volume without distortion or noises on the Orea beta. There is no floor noise either - quiet bits are quiet with zero noise.

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