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Disable 'Call Voicemail' in lockscreen?

Hi Everyone, 

Thankyou in advance for any help. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of online info for the 3310 3G yet. Hopefully that will change.

When my phone is locked, I'm still able to hold down the '1' key and dial voicemail. This is very easy to do (just did it by mistake leaning on the phone), and I don't want it to happen on my pocket!

Can I disable this feature somehow??

Hi people! I'm going to answer my own question. I found a 'work-around'.

Holding the '1' key will dial whatever number is set as your voicemail number (in Settings - System - Call Settings - Voicemail number).

My work around is this :

1) Write down the voicemail number, important.

2) Set a new voicemail number that wont actually connect to a call. I simply set mine to '0'. Now when I press '1' in lock screen or not, it just dials the number 0 and disconnects, staying locked. Good :)

2) In the contacts list I've stored the old voicemail number under 'Voicemail'.

3) I set speedial '2' to voicemail.

Job done.

Thanks for the workaround. There seems to be a problem with 'buttcalls' with this phone, as for some reason, in an effort to enable dialling 911 in an emergency, the 1 and 9 keys aren't locked AT ALL. I have encountered the problem that my phone autoactivates the torchlight, and then drains its batteries. I have also been one click or hip movement (I carry the phone in a hip pocket) away from inadvertently dialling the emergency number. 

So, asking the community, any tips for avoiding this? Any advice as to what kind of padded pouch to use?

Here's an update: I asked for help from the support team. They inquired when I bought the phone, I said, a couple of weeks ago. Answer: 

Hello Findus,
Thank you for contacting us again and for this additional information.

 In this case, We advise you to contact the seller in order to arrange a replacement or refund.

 We are sorry about this inconvenience.

 Best regards,

Nokia Mobile Care

Apart from this glitch and apart from the fact that you cannot store the information at which track you interrupted an audio book  or which audio book you last listened to, for that matter, I was more or less happy with this retro phone and wanted to keep it. Forward two and a half month: While I was roughhousing with my son on a yoga mat, my 'removed' or rather my hip dialled emergency services... I have brought the mobile phone back to the store for a commiseration by the sales crew and a full refund. 

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