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My short questions and pros for Oreo

I have short tested Nokia 8 Oreo beta and couple of things came up to my mind: 1. Why there is now bright white settings? Can't we have night theme or dark theme? My eyes are burned in night when going settings or pull that curtain down. 2. Why Glance still doesn"t support Whatsapp? 3. Sounds are now more quieter than in Nougat, and that's good. They were very lous even minimum settings, thanks for that! 4. Screen is bit lagging when slowly slide in homescreen. 5. And that camera app is still crap, please add Google Camera or upgrade Nokias own attempt. It's not very fluent to use in current condition.

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Personally I do prefer the lighter greyish theme. However having a choice is always nice too. For your eyes I would highly suggest using the inbuilt night mode. You can even go overkill and install "Twilight" or similar apps. They have much more options. Glance, yes I'd would like it too, to support more messengers. You mentioned WhatsApp (which I wouldn't install since it's Facebook). Other examples are line, telegram or signal. I think the list goes on.
I agree. I have always used dark theme and not happy that it is gone. I don't feel it is really hard to have that option back. I don't need a bright screen for choosing to turn on wifi or the other icons.

On Oreo 8.1 you will have a dark theme when you have a dark background, though the settings menu is still white. You should use the built in night mode to easy the strain on your eyes.

As for the homescreen lag, that's fixed IME in the last 8.1 build, though i use a ported Pixel launcher : , really great and lightweight this one + you can turn homescreen to landscape and disable new app icons being placed in the homescreen. 

As for the camera, i get great results with " GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V5 (Arnova8G2, 2018-02-02"  from here : , portrait mode works great and the damn blur from the default camera app isn't there when taking photos with this app.

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