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NFC Payments

Hi there! Has anyone got Android Pay to work on this phone? I used to have a Nexus 6P and it worked flawlessly, however, with the Nokia 5, every time I attempt a payment, the phone vibrates, and I get the message "try holding your phone to the terminal again". I have tried everything already, and I have also tried another NFC payment method (Barclaycard). I have spoken with my bank (everything is fine on their end), I have had my phone swapped by Carphone Warehouse and I have even spoken to Google customer service (who promised to give me a call back and never did). The NFC chip works fine, it was tested on store. Has anyone managed to use Android Pay with this phone? I really like this phone but I use Android Pay daily. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for your reply. Have you noticed a pattern? Do the you do anything differently when it works and when it doesn't? I have NEVER been able to get it to work...
After a bit of searching I figured that the NFC receiver is under the camera/flash glass because the signal can't pass through the metal body.
Hi user1509775847474, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I already knew the NFC chip was located there, in fact, I am able to pair the phone with other devices via NFC; it's just NFC payments that don't work. Every time I attempt a payment, the phone vibrates, and I get the message "try holding your phone to the terminal again". I had the phone swapped at Carphone Warehouse but I get the exact same message with the new one. It might be a fault batch... I don't know what my options are now really...

Hey Jm1983,

I'm not sure if that's your issue, but try to unlock the screen first. I can't confirm it right now, but if i remember correctly i got the same message in my NFC payment app when tried to pay with my phone screen locked.

Best regards,


Can NFC be used as wireless charging
By which means does NFC transfers data..... When I use NFC to transfer data between devices.....the data transfer is achieved by Bluetooth.

I have written a message to Nokia support, I'll let you know what they come back with. The truth is that I feel a bit like I've been ripped off. 
Since I already had the phone swapped by the Carphone Warehouse once, I don't think there's any use in going back there (especially since it's been almost two months since I got the phone now).
I really hope Nokia gives me some sort of solution.

I'm in contact at the moment with Android Wallet support as Nokia support don't reply to my email...

I don't know if it's going to be of any use but I really hope I can get it sorted eventually, especially since I chose this phone over the Moto G5 basically because of NFC payments!

I updated to Oreo yesterday and my NFC payments are now working fine; I've already tried in three different places and the payments have been successful in all of them. Now let's hope SMS messages are working and this phone would have won so much with the Oreo update.
This is so nice to hear. I was not patient enough and returned the phone. Maybe I'll get the elusive Nokia 7
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