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Touchscreen lag

Hi everyone I just bought a new Nokia 5 as I liked the idea of vanilla android and regular updates. First up I have updated to 7.1.2 with the October security updates, great stuff. Problem is the phone's response to the touch screen is slow which makes the whole phone feel slow. I contacted support to find out if it is just my phone, the firmware, or everyone who experiences this. Support has no record of this being an issue. Can anyone in the community provide feedback about this? Thanks Geoff

Someone provided a response in Russian which isn't showing which according to Google translate said to factory reset. Just have that a try and it is still laggy. Classic answer to everything that never seems to fix anything. Regards Geoff

I put it down to my finger being a bit cold, screen unable to detect the finger!! (after rubbing on my trouser or jumper, seems to be fine, could still be software problem though, that's caught up whilst rubbing!!

I have a screen lag issue as well or rather i should say unresponsive screen. One app icon on the screen won't respond but the icon on the next line will work. Or if i keep tapping on the unresponsive icon it works after a few taps. All this happens when i close some app and come on the Main screen.

I have the same issue. Makes the phone near useless.

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