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Multiple Issue in Nokia 3 - Seriously Disaapointing

Hi Team Nokia,

I have always been fan of Nokia since i started using cell phone, But the experience with Nokia 3 has been really disheartening.

I purchased a Nokia 3 looking at my past experience. Now here is my list of issues. Hope this gets sorted out .

1. The very first time I open the pack and started phone tone was missing. Intimated the retailer and was insisted that its standard functionality.

2. Phone keeps on hanging number of times.

3. After battery drain out phone does not start unless rebooted.

4. Screen goes blank for hours but calls and messages keep coming, leaving me helpless to attend or reply.

5. Battery drains out very fast.

6. Ring tones doesn't work  if I reduce the volume and again raise the volume of phone.

7. While playing games phone just keeps hanging making me loose.

Overall really dissatisfied with this phone.

Team Nokia please help. 

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Massage(Text SMS) from my Nokia 3 mobile is not going
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