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Battery issues

I bought my Nokia 3 a month ago and was very happy with the phone until I realised it was not changing time stamp and that it was not taking screenshots too.That was better.The battery started draining ridiculously,it would drain from 100 percent to 80 in 2 hours while it's idle and not being used.I complained and returned the phone and was given another one,of course after a hustle.Now the other one was okay only for a day and started the same battery issue.If I sleep with the battery slightly over 50% I wake up with the phone flat and off.It is completely disappointing.On the positive side the phone is sleek and beautiful,it hardly hangs .Another issue is the ,it takes very nice photos while you on the camera app but when You view them they are dull and less lit than they were on the camera app.If you could find solutions about the battery draining it would be a very beautiful experience.

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Hi, I'm not a big expert because my Nokia 3 is the first Android after 10 years of Iphone, but I think maybe your problem can be solved (even partially) with a different setting.

Nokia 3 I use it everyday and the battery lasts for two days, I have to stress a lot to do just one day! However, I deleted almost all notifications, including mail, I do not use widgets, I do not use active position (active only for maps or little else), and I did not activate automatic play store updates and when I want to update them manually.

All these little tricks I've learned from many years with IOS and I see they work well with Android. Try reducing the workload in your phone's background and see if the battery lasts longer, then if you want to enter one thing at a time, what you need and you can not do without it.

I hope to have been helpful and... excuse my English, but I go with google translator!  ;-)

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