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Glance screen and double tap to awake

Should nokia 6 serve these two usefull features on the next update ?

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It is so important the double tape to wake up feature. Please included for next update. Im user of nokia and only nokia for 18 years

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 I agree. Nokia 6 should get these options with oreo 8.0 update

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I also agree that double tap feature should be there in new software update . Please NOKIA PLEASE
one feature is more always on display, glance screen

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No.  They are not stock Android functions so more custom system code always means more bugs (that are not as easy to fix as in case of a buggy app), delayed updated, etc.  And the double tap and glance can happen inadvertently.

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These are not a stock Android functions and can cause delays in monthly updates. The platform is Android, so anyone who wants these features might try Gravity Screen app, which is free.
This is a much needed feature it needs to be there, niether nokia 6 has this feature nor does it has an Led notification. To be honest the lock button is too high to reach everytime. Need to use both hands for this device.
Yes I too agree that feature
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