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SMS receiving issues

I was update my Nokia 5 in naugat 7.1.2 and issues that 100 message out of 75 message I was received anybody can solve this problem

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I also have a problem with incoming sms. the problem on both sim cards is a different operator. there is no problem from the operator

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I also had this problem and i downloaded Puls sms app,now it seems ok  I think the problem is n messaging app from google 

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Same issue here. Not recieving some SMS. Since 7.1.2 update on Vodafone UK. Nokia 5.

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Same here. Is there any solution to this problem?

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Yes,there is as I mentioned before. Just download Pulse sms app.

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I just did, and it works. I could also read messages I didn't receive days ago. They appeared in Pulse sms. 

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Hey All,

I have the same issue, 7.1.2 on Play in Poland. I tried several apps, Pulse SMS among others, and the one that seems to finally work around the issue is Ghostly. A bit old but only this one didn't fail in my tests. Although it can only receive SMS, then you can choose to move it to inbox.

TIP: how to test if your current SMS app receives all the messages? Just log in to few services where you have SMS configured as 2nd factor authentication. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter...

Best regards,


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Yeah same here , not receiving messages, background app restarting, tons of problems. Have to get rid of the phone fast, I use it for business

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There seems to be lot of similar discussions on Android forums where Nexus and Pixel phone users facing similar issues so problem is most probably related Google's SMS app and 7.1.x releases.

Same here. 2 out of 10 SMS not received although another side gets their delivery report! Very, very annoying!!! Best of all my wife texts me and then later calls to say have you received SMS then I need to explain something is obviously retarded with the newest update to 7.1.2! My god how I hate this stuff! Battery drains in mater of hours. 10 to be precise... Not a good phone...
I have the same problem.

Same problem here, business phone, very annoying. Unreliable when receiving sms, losing about 20-25% of all texts. Also drops the BT connection at random, always in connection with a complete signal loss/system services reset/crash. To me it seems like the entire RF crashes, resetting this part of the phone and losing information (like texts and BT settings, maybe more) in the process. Returned to dealer for repair. Sad - otherwise quite a great phone!

When Pixels and Nexuses had the same problem, Google claimed they'd fix it with the November security update. I've not been able to test that yet, but the update is now available (Settings --> About phone --> System update --> Check for update). Would be interested to know if this helps anyone.

Same here on my Nokia 5 after upgrading to 7.1.2. Installing November security update, so hope it will help. Will let you all know.

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