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SMS receiving issues

I was update my Nokia 5 in naugat 7.1.2 and issues that 100 message out of 75 message I was received anybody can solve this problem

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I have also updated Carrier service, it is better, but I still dont get a few messages a time.

I thought this may caused by memory low. I lost messages when the memory status was low or critical. Therefore, I try to free memory or reboot device after using a few days. It is worked for the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion, user1511359457486, I'll try deleting some apps to see if it gets better. The odd thing is that we still receive random ones, so that's very suspicious.

Oh, and one thing regarding deleting apps: at 16 GB of internal memory it's really hard to delete apps... I have the most necessary ones at the moment and my phone is at 14.8 GB already!

This was, at first, an irritating fault on a device from a fledgling company. The length of time it has taken to resolve or even provide meaningful feedback, however, is completely unacceptable. Within the last few weeks, I've had friends ask if I'd recommend a Nokia device and I've said I would (with a few caveats), but I'm now going to have to withdraw that recommendation. How can I not? Over a month with no functional SMS. Even if they fix it, what's the next big problem going to be, and how long is that going to take to address? I imagine Nokia have had a fair few returns as well.

This is surely not the position a company looking to rebuild its reputation and userbase wants to be in. The way they've dealt with it almost defies belief. At the very least, they should now be looking into some kind of monetary compensation for existing customers as a gesture of good will.

Sadly I feel the same, adbenj. My contract expires in March and my intention was to upgrade to the Nokia 8 (or 9), however, due to this issue, I've lost my trust in this (once great) company. My next phone is now likely going to be a Pixel. In any case, I really hope they figure this out because it's a huge inconvenience which can cause real problems. I am really disappointed in Nokia.

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In Italy the same problem....
Like a lot of people on here been having this problem for over a month. Change settings or perform updates and it'll be ok for a couple of days them back to being sporadic. Virgin told me to send it to there tech team to fix it. But I know they can't. It's completely down to Nokia and they don't even seem to be addressing the issue. What use is a mobile that can't receive text messages properly. I've had to buy a back up PAYG phone in case someone needs to contact me in an emergency as I was missing important messages. Could not but less impressed with Nokia. Nokia 5 is an absolute joke!

Unfortunately the very same SMS problem here - not good since lost money because of waiting for SMS which never arrived to device -> would be now important to hear what next ??

Has anyone also had problems receiving calls. Someone just got in touch with me saying they'd try to call me 4 times and it wasn't getting through.

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I also have had problems with calls not getting thru aswell

I am also having the same problem.

App icon shows the notifications of upcoming msgs but after opening the app theres no new/unread msg. after uninstaling the app then reopen the app, it does shows the newly msgs.

I also have november security update but no fixing. 

Bought this phone about 3 months ago and initially there was no issue of this type. Please nokia!! this fix is something really really urgent. We are not getting our OTP messages and it is really frustrating. What is the point of having a phone which can't send and receive SMSs. We have to send 2 3 times to ensure the receiving party gets at least one. This is simply like a brick phone now. Overall phone is good and well worth for the money. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks!!

 I am also having sms receiving problem on my nokia 5 android 7.1.2 version. I have a big trouble internal my community. They thought i am not responding or neglecting their sms. Please fix the issue asap or show me a way to fix it.

Everyone, Android Oreo Beta is available for Nokia 5 users as of now:
I will definitely install it to check if SMS issue still persists.  

Just thought I'd report that in my case the problem seems to have gone away. Now, the phones I'm talking about don't get a lot of SMS so maybe we've just got lucky, but things seem to have improved and we seem not to be losing SMS any more.


Of course, now I've written this, I'll have jinxed myself and the problem will reappear!!


Two Nokia 5's

Android 7.1.2, latest security updates

All apps (including Carrier Services, which may or may not be relevant) updated using Google store

Build number 00WW_3_700_SP01

"Ghostly SMS" app installed on both to act as a catcher for lost SMS

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