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Nokia 6 , TA-1021 issue with HCE payment app

I have observed that on Nokia 6 model TA-1021 the Host Card Emulation (HCE) payment app is not able to complete a NFC transaction on Point of Sale (PoS) terminal, but the same mobile device works fine with SE-based solution. I am representing a large Dutch bank that offers both SE-based payment solution and a HCE solution.


The transaction starts with select PPSE command and its response is sent back successfully, also the same for select  AID (here Maestro), However “Get Processing Options” (GPO) command does not reach the payment app ( according to adb log). This command (GPO) reaches the device and get 6999 as response send back to PoS ( from nfc communication log). According to ISO 7816-4 this means Command not allowed. Please check the logs for more details.


I have tried several times to perform a transaction but all fail. I am also aware that a competitor’s HCE solution in Dutch market does not work on the same mobile phone (Nokia 6 – TA 1021) too. I have added links of the relevant adb log and nfc communication between card and PoS and picture of device properties. I am also representing UL Transaction Security and able to provide the logs. Could you let me know what is the cause of this issue and if you have any plan to resolve it.


There are three attachments:

Nokia6_TA1021_adbLog_HCEtransactionBreaks.txt => this is an adb log on verbos level of transaction starting from PPSE select command receiving from terminal and contains the period for which the decline message was generated.

Nokia6_TA1021_nfcCommunicationLog.xlsx => this is a log on nfc communication between mobile card and Point of Sale (PoS) in ISO 14443 level.

Nokia 6 TA-1021 Buildnumbera.jpg => this is the picture of device properties as shown by the device.

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I have this same issue

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Let me kick this topic.

@Nokia, this is really an issue. I've been in contact with my telecom provider and bank, they all direct to HMD Nokia. Are there any solutions known?

Thanks in advance for your info.

(using Nokia 6 with Android 8.0 beta)

Tech Wizard

After several hours struggle with a Danish NFC app for MasterCard and our local Dankort, it turns out the payment terminals in the stores need an update for Card Emulation on mobile phones to work.

For me, it works in some stores: Lidl, the local pharmacy and at the pub(!) but fail in others, with an alert like 'use chip or magnet stripe' or 'invalid card' on the payment terminal, and typically a FILE_NOT-FOUND alert on the phone.

I gave the particular app a 1 star review, since it is advertised as a NFC card alternative.

Please note the requirements, if you develop a similar app:
- It requires phone identity access (in order to provide a unique user-ID), and it does not work if the phone has any developer options enabled, or if the phone has super-user apps installed.
- It must be set as default NFC payment app, in order to avoid Google Pay take over the screen when an NFC terminal is detected by the phone.

Since the app does work every time in some stores, and fail every time in other stores, I don't blame the phone, it's for the payment terminal manufacturers to resolve in my case.


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