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Please don't adopt AMOLED screen.

AMOLED still has burn-in problem. I don't wanna see yellowed dirty screen when I entered white page. And LG's POLED is even worse. Their POLED screen has uneven color problem. And also, flickering is an important issue. That make eyes much tired. On top of that, curved edge design is weaker than flat design. Durability is one of nokia's advantage, right? I hope nokia take the right decision.

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The AMOLED screen on my 2010 Nokia N8 doesn't have a burn in issue. Nor does the AMOLED screen on my 2013 Lumia 925. If Nokia select the correct display, coating, glass and software then there won't be a problem.

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Well, how about doubt yourself could discern white from other color?

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Good point, maybe I can't tell white from yellow. However, as you said, the burn in would be uneven, and I don't see any uneven colour on my N8 or Lumia 925. I'm not colour-blind, which means I should be able to see the discolouration if it exists.

Other phone models may be different, but I'm confident that my phones have not suffered which means that when correctly designed and manufactured AMOLED has no burn-in issues.

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